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Independence & Justice for ALL

I am a hard-working, independent judge who believes in fairness for everyone, being tough when necessary, and that our independent judiciary is worth protecting.

I am running to reclaim my position as District Court Judge in Cascade County to protect and defend our Constitution, our community and our children.  

I’m running to reclaim the judicial seat I previously held and I need your help. Can you chip in to help restore and protect our independent judiciary?
Thank you for your commitment to ensuring our state remains – of the people, by the people.


Judge Michele Levine

Michele Levine

I’m Judge Michele Levine. I am a former Cascade County District Court Judge, current Cascade County Deputy County Attorney, and a former private practice civil attorney.

I have been dedicated to using the rule of law to protect fairness and independence for our community for almost ten years. 

I truly believe in justice and fairness for all. 

I care about our kids because I am a tough Montana mom, too.

I am open-minded and listen to both sides before making a decision. I work hard to ensure the law protects everyone.

Our community was robbed of a district court judge when I was not confirmed due to partisan politics – something that has no place on the bench of Montana’s courts. I am ready to work hard to earn your vote to keep serving Cascade County in an elected capacity.

I look forward to taking the oath again to uphold the U.S. and
Montana Constitution for liberty and justice for all.

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24 Apr 2021

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12 Jul 2021

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11 Aug 2021


What is particularly impressive about Judge Levine is how willing she is to take on tough matters, and how interested she is in her work.  Her top priorities are to make sure that cases are resolved quickly and that justice is served.  

Matthew T. Meade

Attorney, Smith Oblander & Meade, PC


Michele is a compassionate person who generally cares for her clients and their struggles.  She is intelligent and hardworking, and has a long standing commitment to the communities where she has resided and public service.  She will bring a commitment to equal justice and access to the courts that is need in this district. 

Laura E. Walker

Attorney, Jardine, Stephenson, Blewett & Weaver, PC


Judge Levine possesses all of the necessary qualities to be a successful judge in the 8th Judicial District and has proven this every time she takes the bench. She is tough – she understands that being a judge means making hard decisions and she will be ready to make those decisions on her first day on the bench. 

Amber Henning

Attorney, Marra, Evenson & Levine, PC


The number one thing you can do to help get Michele Levine elected is VOTE.

And the second – call or text five friends and tell them you’re voting for Michele Levine for District Court Judge.

Check all that apply – especially #1 and #2!